I never expected that the ‘Till We Meet Again’ being my debut fiction, would become a National Bestseller so soon. I’m glad that I've been able to create an impact on my readers, and they prefer platonic love over physical love or sex. When I started writing this novel, I’d one thing on my mind running on ‘Will today’s generation accept stories that are platonically romantic and have a pinch of haunting element in it?’ But now all my doubts have been cleared as I’m getting huge and overwhelming response not only for my first novel but my next fiction too- ‘Mom and I Love A Terrorist’. I knew that if my readers have liked my first fiction, they’ll surely enjoy the journey of my next fiction too. It’s kind of a serious fiction with a pinch of romance. It deals in issues of a terrorist and the society. I’m happy to get a wide response of people of India and other countries too appreciating the fiction that has the catchy title with it. The fan mails and communication have been great up-til now and the sale is picking up its peak. It’s been a journey worthwhile.

Terrorism is the most burning topic in our society. Bankura, being our ancestral home, the Maoist attack and rebellion movements are flooding Midnapur to Bankura - Purulia. I visit Kolkata thrice a year. I've seen lots happening in the region in the field of Maoism, even the Gyaneshwari blast haunted me over the months. It was totally subdued in my subconscious mind, and it suddenly took a turn when I visited Andaman Islands. The essence of my second fiction ‘Mom And I love A Terrorist’ is both literary and popular. So that it attracts readers of both classes. The first time I came up with the idea of jotting a story based on Terrorism, I was in Andaman. So the story is basically set up in the backdrop of this beautiful Islands. Andaman, by far has been a place that is close to my heart somehow. While I was busy traveling and sightseeing there I realized how much I was in love with the sea and the horizon, the seclusion of the island and the peaceful aura that it's surrounded with. My journey to the island has been the most memorable uptil now. I remember telling dad (who is also a best selling Bengali author, popularly known as 'Kaalpurush') ‘I feel I’ve been here before. As if I’ve known living in the seas and skies for long’ While the other tourists stayed away in fear, I had shaken hands with the tribal men ‘Jarawas’ and they smiled back for some unknown reason! Andaman has been the second inspiration (dad being my first) which will stay with me for a lifetime.